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 Top ten brands of wall coverings in China.  Advocate green products, perfect human life.  We insist on high-quality production and buildhigh-quality brands. As a professional trade exhibition with the largest exhibition scale and number of visitorsin the home furnishing field, Shanghai Wallpaper, Wallcoverings, Curtains, HomeFurnishings Exhibition has been invited by many parties and Weize is honored toparticipate in this exhibition. After three days of perfect exhibition, Weize, successfullycame to an end at Shanghai New International Expo Center. In this exhibition, we exhibited classic wallcovering, wallpaper series, and also launched anew engineering wallcovering series, wallcovering series and seamless wallcoveringseries. During the three days, the crowds in the exhibition hall continued to flow.enriching and diversifying products, attracting many new and old customers to visit andinteract. This also gives us reason to believe that Weize has unlimited developmentpotential. and will continue to strive to improve the quality of the exhibition andcontribute to the efficient cooperation between supply and demand.A New Era of House Customization.Product Upgrade A New Era of House Customization.Product Upgrade 2019 announces the arrival of a new era of house customization. Single product can’t longer meet the new needs of the market. Weize is closely following the needs of the times, and comprehensively upgrades and develops soft decoration industries such as wallcoverings, wallpapers and curtains. On the basis of the stable development of the industry, we will expand the development of new products such as curtains, carpets, and wall panels. New ideas for development and win-win cooperation. Weize with Greenland Holding Group Co., Ltd., China Resources Land Co., Ltd., Hopson Development Group Co., Ltd., Beijing Zexin Holdings Group Co., Ltd., Greentown China Holdings Co., Ltd., Agile Group Holdings Co., Ltd., COFCO Land, China Jinmao Holding Group Co., Ltd. and other real estate companies have reached strategic cooperation and become long-term suppliers. Win-win cooperation is the trend of industrial development. High-quality partners not only contribute to the development of Weize, but also reflect the recognition and trust of our company's strong strength. Advocate green products and perfect human life.   Weize with Greenland Holding Group Co., Ltd., China Resources Land Co., Ltd., Hopson Development Group Co., Ltd., Beijing Zexin Holdings Group Co., Ltd., Greentown China Holdings Co., Ltd., Agile Group Holdings Co., Ltd., COFCO Land, China Jinmao Holding Group Co., Ltd. and other real estate companies have reached strategic cooperation and become long-term suppliers. Win-win cooperation is the trend of industrial development. High-quality partners not only contribute to the development of Weize, but also reflect the recognition and trust of our company's strong strength.Advocate green products and perfect human life. Environmental friendly and fine craftsmanship allows you to enjoy a comfortable and safe home life! Finally, I would like to thank all the Weize family for their trust and support to the company.Weize 2019 Wallcovering & Wallpaper Exhibition ended successfully.Let us work together and meet next year, we will see you soon!

China Resources Land Co., Ltd. is the flagship of China Resources Group's real estate business and one of the most powerful comprehensive real estate developers in mainland China. Since March 8, 2010, Hong Kong Hengsheng Index Co., Ltd. has included China Resources Land as a constituent stock of the Hengsheng Index. It has become one of the 43 blue-chip stocks in Hong Kong and one of the largest and most profitable real estate companies in China's real estate industry.   China Resources Land Nanjing Yuefu Project Phase II and Phase III and Nanjing China Resources International Community are the strategic cooperation projects between Weize Wallcovering and China Resources Land. The China Resources Land project selected Weize non-woven wallpaper, with a cooperation area of about 200,000 square meters which are C grade of fine decoration.   ※Non-woven wallpaper can also be customized with anti-mildew, antibacterial, formaldehyde removal and other functions. Non-woven wallpaper:: It is a non-woven fiber material, which is directly printed and embossed on the surface; Soft touch, sound-absorbing, breathable, elegant color, no deformation; Good air permeability, not easy for mold growth; easy to post, easy to peel, no gaps, natural quality; During the second decoration, it can be peeled off as a whole which don’t damage the wall, saving many renovation costs; Easy maintenance and maintenance: When cleaning the wall, just use vacuum cleaner or  feather duster to clean the dust on the surface of the wallpaper. Environmental friendly: Chinese national standard "GB18585-2001" • first-grade product Anti-mildew customization: Chinese national standard "GB/T2423.16-2008" - level 0 Antibacterial customization: "JIS Z 2801:2010" antibacterial rate is more than 99%. Good features of Weize wallpaper: ① Flame retardant ② Antibacterial ③ Moisture-proof ④ Anti-mold ⑤ Anti-fouling ⑥ Removal of formaldehyde etc.   China Resources Land Nanjing Yuefu Project:     China Resources Yuefu project is located in the new Jiangdong which in the central area of Hexi. The project covers an area of about 81,000 square meters, with a plot ratio of 3.4 and total above-ground construction area of about 275,000 square meters.   Nanjing China Resources International Community Project:   China Resources International Community is located at the intersection of Central Avenue and Central Avenue in Pukou District, which creating a modern integrating leisure, entertainment, shopping, dining, office, hotel and residence.   〖 Weize Wallcovering〗   Weize wallcovering with high toughness, enhanced surface impact resistance and scrub resistance; there are no edge warping or seam problems during decoration; and the bottom of Vinyl wallcovering can be peeled off as a whole during the second decoration; easy maintenance: When cleaning the wall, just use a pure cotton cloth or sponge with diluted neutral detergent, twist it into a semi-dry state, and gently scrub the surface of the wallpaper.   ★Weize wallcovering service principles: 1. Quickly answer questions for customers within 24 hours, quick feedback, and have a safe after-sales service, choose without any worry. 2. You can make an appointment by phone, the technician worker will come to the construction site in person, professional guidance will be provided to ensure that the operation is worry-free until the problem solved. Weize are forge ahead ,under the guidance of the group development strategy, the Weize brand develops rapidly, comprehensively improve the market share of the industry, and continues to climb to new heights in the artistic journey of wall covering and wallpaper production.   "The meaning of life lies in the pursuit of beauty", Weize advocates green products, perfect human life, and "steps towards" Weize creation. Pursuing to shape the space culture, Weize Wallcovering joins hands with China Resources Land to bring more changes to the city in terms of quality.

 Environmental-friendly. It’s a lifestyle. We are constantly seeking.Absolutely pure and healthy space.Environmental-friendly.Accompany you with health and peace of mind every day!   Hazards of formaldehyde The World Health Organization clearly pointed out in 2004 that formaldehyde is carcinogenic, especially women, children and pregnant women, who are most vulnerable to the harm of formaldehyde. When formaldehyde reaches a certain concentration indoors, people will feel uncomfortable. Formaldehyde concentrations more than 0.08 square meters can cause red eyes, itchy eyes, throat discomfort or pain, hoarseness, sneezing, chest tightness, asthma, dermatitis etc.   Formaldehyde is very harmful to the human body.上Weize wallcovering in production processAdopt "photocatalyst anti-formaldehyde" processFor protect you NextXiaowe will show you   Craft Exploration     Photocatalyst process Photocatalyst is a photo-semiconductor material with photocatalytic function represented by nano-grade titanium dioxide.     Under the action of visible light, it produces a strong catalytic degradation function, which can effectively degrade toxic and harmful gases in the air; it can effectively kill a variety of bacteria, and can decompose and harmlessly treat the toxins released by bacteria or fungi; At the same time also have formaldehyde removal, deodorization, anti-fouling, air purification and other functions.   The function of photocatalyst 1、Purify the air, dust removal 2、Removal of harmful substances such as formaldehyde and benzene3、Kill bacteria, remove viruses, microorganisms.4、scavenging static reduction mechanism activity5、Deodorizing effect   Formaldehyde removal process First of all, in terms of material, the wall covering is made of environmental friendly materials, non-toxic, tasteless, healthy and safe. Except for raw materials, wallcoverings also need to add certain accessories to make them rich in color.     First of all, in terms of material, the wall covering is made of environmental friendly materials, non-toxic, tasteless, healthy and safe. Except for raw materials, wallcoverings also need to add certain accessories to make them rich in color.   Decompose formaldehyde Weize wallcovering uses high-tech formaldehyde decomposition technology to decompose indoor harmful substances into harmless and non-toxic substances to the environment and human body by absorbing first and then decomposing them, effectively eliminating indoor formaldehyde.     health, warmth, qualityis our constant pursuitCreate happiness, light up life选Choose Weize wallcovering to bring happiness and safety to your side.

With consumers' in-depth understanding of wall coverings, and the unique functional advantages of wall coverings are gradually being tapped by the market, they have been recognized by more and more consumers. The decorative effect of the wall covering itself is self-evident, and the market demand for wall covering is also expanding. Especially in some hotel engineering projects, wall decoration is more popular with wall coverings. Engineering wall covering customization business has gradually become a development trend in the hotel market!     NO.1 There are many ways to operate the hotel, and the wall decoration is very knowledgeable. In order to operate better, it is necessary to improve the quality of the hotel in all aspects, so that more people are willing to choose, thereby increasing the occupancy rate. Therefore, the most important thing for hotels to consider when choosing wall decoration is how to find the decorations that can improve the quality, the most beautiful and the safest within the budget. Wall coverings are the perfect choice. NO.2 There are many advantages of wall covering, hotel decoration is no longer difficult Wall coverings have many powerful functions, which are more like tailor-made for five-star hotels: Simple construction, immediate occupancy The wall covering is very simple in decoration and has a strong covering power, which can effectively cover up problems such as uneven walls. For example, the wall coverings of the Weize wall covering brand with environmental friendly characteristics can be moved in on the same day of construction, which greatly improves the business hours. High quality, show style Wall covering can easily show the quality and improve the overall style of the hotel. The wall covering made of environmental friendly materials has a soft visual effect, a strong three-dimensional sense, and an excellent hand feeling. It also has a variety of patterns to choose, which can naturally create European-style, Chinese-style and other styles, so that customers have shine feelings when they enter the door. Function upgrade, feel at ease Sound insulation - With the upgrading of technology, the current design sound absorption and sound insulation function can effectively protect the privacy of customers and create a comfortable and relaxing living environment.   B1 class flame retardant - For crowd gathering places like hotels, fire retardant can minimize the hidden dangers of fire protection, and can effectively prevent fire and flame retardant without releasing toxic and harmful substances, so that customers can stay with rest assured.   Waterproof and stain-proof - the daily maintenance of the wall covering is also very simple. Because Weize wall covering adopts high-tech nano patented technology, it is not easy to crack or damage, and has many functions such as waterproof, oil-proof, anti-fouling, anti-static and so on, don’t worry about the graffiti of children's customers or the redecoration caused by damaged walls. Wipe with a wet towel to restore the glossy finish to the walls.   Antibacterial and anti-mildew - the wall covering has a long service life, and high-quality materials are effective for a long time. The multi-functional wall covering has a sterilizing agent and an antibacterial film. Anti-mildew has no worries and saves maintenance costs. The replacement of the wall covering is also very easy, just remove it and install a new one, don’t damage the original wall, it is easy to change the decoration style.       Five-star hotels focus on the quality of decoration and service quality,Choose Weize products that focus on vinyl base wall coverings,Not only can quickly create a luxurious living environmentIts powerful functions can also help the hotel to Save time and effort~Perfect choice, worth having~

Chengdu Xingcheng Habitat·Weize Wallcovering   Jincheng Fenghui project is located at NO. 765 Rose Street, No. 631 Yinmu Street, No. 455 Xishu Street and No. 393 Chunshu Street, Jinjiang District, Chengdu city,China. The project consists of four parcels of land, covering an area of about 128 mu, with a residential building area of 193,015 square meters and a plot ratio of 2.5. The surrounding areas of the project are rich in educational resources, natural resources, and complete living facilities. It is a selected residence for improving life.     Habitat Jincheng Fenghui is carefully built for talent apartments in Jinjiang District. In September 2017, Xingcheng Habitat won a talent apartment plot in Sansheng Township, Chengdu. After two years of sculpting, the project was finally launched. The case is called "Xingcheng Habitat·Jincheng Peak". In order to create this holy land of talents, Weize Wallcovering and Xingcheng Habitat have joined hands. This project mainly uses Weize's vinyl base wall covering, and the total amount of wall covering is about 273,600 square meters. Let talents find a place to live in Chengdu, and at the same time they can fully experience the wonder of life.     Brief introduction of Weize Vinyl base Wall Covering 1.It adopts the thermal composite process of the cloth bottom and the surface layer, which treated at high temperature, it’s firm. 2.The cloth-based product has high strength, surface strengthening, impact resistance and scrub resistance; 3.It is not easy to cause warping or seam problems during decoration; and the bottom of the cloth base wall covering can be peeled off as a whole during the second decoration; 4.Easy to maintain: When cleaning the wall, just use a pure cotton cloth or sponge with diluted neutral detergent, twist it into a semi-dry state, and gently scrub the surface of the wallpaper. Environmental friendly: in line with China's national standard "QB/T 38051999 PVC wallpaper","GB 18585-2001 Limits of Hazardous Substances in Wallpaper of Interior Decoration Materials"EN15102    EU CE certification: EN15102   B1 level flame retardant: China National Standard GB 8624-2012, flame retardant B1 (B-s1, d0, t0) level   The vinyl base wall covering can also be customized with flame-retardant, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, anti-fouling, anti-bacterial, formaldehyde removal, anti-static, laser micro-hole and other functions.   Exterior of Jincheng Summit Project   The project site has convenient transportation, adjacent to the main roads of the city, and the Large traffic flow. The surrounding environment is dominated by middle and high-rise residential areas, mostly residential land. The southern part of the plot is an urban park green space with a good landscape environment. The center of the SZ-3 and SZ-4 plots is the municipal park green space.     In the selection of wall coverings, Weize pays attention to the coordination of texture and color with the space. The overall color matching tone is calm,which forming a unified style and tone, creating a modern living landscape full of artistic atmosphere, and improving people's quality of life.   ★Weize wall covering service principle   1、Quickly answer questions for customers within 24 hours, provide quick feedback, and have a safe after-sales experience, so you can choose without worry.   2、You can make an appointment by phone, and professionally guide the paving to ensure that the operation is worry-free until the problem solved.   Shanghai Weize wall covering win the top ten brand certificate in China's wall covering industry Shanghai Weize wall covering win the high-tech enterprise certificate   Weize wall covering are rich design and excellent quality, and win the honorary certificate of the top ten brands in China's wall covering industry and a high-tech enterprise. With the improving of Weize, under the guidance of the group development strategy, the Weize brand develops rapidly, comprehensively increases the market share of the industry, and continues to climb to new heights in the artistic journey of wall covering and wallpaper production.    

In the market, due to the advantages of good air permeability, convenient construction and environmental friendly, wall covering are increasingly favored by the market. In order to meet more aesthetic designs and user needs, new non-woven silk wall coverings with strong patterns and rich colors are came into being.   Weize makes the wall covering both practical and artistic at the same time, perfectly turning the wall into a work of art.   Non-woven silk wall coverings produced and developed according to artistic standards, and the raw materials are high-end and environmental friendly, which makes Weize wall coverings show an elegant and luxurious temperament. The hazy three-dimensional texture reflects the elegant and simple attitude towards life; the natural color, unintentional softness, and the nobility in simplicity, put the "silk texture" on the wall, the choice of taste and grade.     The unique properties of non-woven yarn that distinguish it from other materials give it many advantages: no mold, no shrinkage, uniform and soft. In addition, the function of breathability and moisture absorption also prolongs the service life of the wall covering.     Weize also pursues excellence in the application of technology: finely silk covering technology, strong and non-deformable, tear-resistant, so that the free and flexible non-woven fabric presents a light and luxurious atmosphere.     Weize non-woven wall covering not only has a bright and gorgeous texture, but also has colorful colors. Cool color / warm color / forest cover a variety of styles, there is always one that can meet your needs!     Whether it is plain dreamy and warm, or gorgeous and bright, the texture of Weize non-woven wall covering is patchwork, the whole house is not monotonous, and the leisurely texture blows.       Features of non-woven silk wall covering   1.Great space extensibility The non-woven silk technology makes the wall covering more three-dimensional and heavy, and the classic color matching makes the space more extensible   2.Thickened and wear-resistant Using silk covering technique, adding gold and silver silk, not only thicker and more wear-resistant, but also stronger in luster, three-dimensional and full, and the color lasts for a long time.   3.Texture generated naturally The texture is irregularly combined, natural and comfortable, environmental friendly and light luxury, creating a new concept of space decoration. "Clear water comes out of hibiscus, and naturally removes carvings" This poem is used to describe the non-woven silk wall covering Maybe it couldn't be more appropriateThis unintentional beauty~It's a real luxury enjoyment~

过去的2020年,受疫情及市场大环境的影响,墙布行业的很多品牌也经历了由动荡到改革再到恢复的过程。 威泽在重重考验中生存下来并逆势生长,也证明了自己的实力与担当。 2021年初,威泽再次斩获由中国墙布墙纸行业品牌培育计划委员组颁发的,“中国墙布行业十大品牌(生产)”大奖。     再次获得此次殊荣,是行业对于威泽品牌一直以来认可,也是行业与客户对威泽的专业性支持。       2003年成立以来,威泽墙布致力于从“威泽制造迈向威泽创造”这一目标,从研发、设计、生产及服务,多方位升级创新。引进国外先进生产线,如:美国、欧洲、日本等,在国内制造领域达到先进水平,并与国内外专业设计师合作设立自己的研发中心。   18年来,威泽不断汲取极具行业经验的智慧,不断突破创新思维,在设计中融入各种流行元素与多元化的文化风格特色,为客户及消费者提供更环保更健康的墙布墙纸。   凭借技术设计优势、服务精进等强大竞争力,威泽不断获得客户信任。正是由于威泽拥有一流的研发中心和优秀的人才梯队,使企业的创意设计始终走在国内前列,奠定了威泽品牌成功的基础。公司强大的研发设计能力可以满足国内外任何客户的需求。   今后,威泽品牌将继续一步一个脚印坚韧前行,以更大的努力让威泽品牌创造更大价值,为墙布墙纸行业发展和环保健康的墙面装饰材料尽一份力!

Wall decoration is the most important step in the whole family decoration. The material and color of wall decoration are very particular. A good wall decoration for a family can add luster to the overall effect. Nowadays, many owners prefer wall coverings and wallpapers, but they do not know which one to choose, whether to choose wallpaper or wall covering? Don't worry, follow the editor to discuss the mystery of wall coverings and wallpapers!   What is wallpaper? Wall covering, also known as "engineering wall covering". The pvc is compounded on the bottom of the mesh cloth, printed patterns and embossed patterns are added, and various wall covering products are made with different processes. Now there are new types of wall coverings such as 3D wall coverings and photocatalyst wall coverings. What are the advantages of wall coverings?   1.Flame retardant - Weize's wall covering products can meet the flame retardant B1 standard according to demand. 2.Antibacterial - has efficient bactericidal function, can inhibit more than 50 kinds of bacteria; the surface is particularly wear-resistant and scratch-resistant. 3.Anti-fouling - the surface has strong anti-fouling property, all kinds of water and oily stains can be cleaned, and you don't have to worry about the stains anymore. 4.Anti-mildew - according to the standard of "GB/T2423.16-1999". The level of mold growth is 0, that is, there is no obvious mold growth at the nominal magnification of 50 times. 5.Moisture-proof - Using high-tech nanotechnology, it has good air permeability and can discharge the moisture in the wall through tiny pores. 6.Antistatic - the surface resistance is less than 1×1010Ω, which can guide and eliminate harmful charges. 7.Impact resistance - has good extensibility, under certain impact, it is not easy to damage the product, and at the same time protects the wall. 8.Anti-formaldehyde - can effectively remove formaldehyde in the environment and purify indoor air for a long time, lasting and effective. What is wallpaper? Wallpaper, usually called wallpaper, because there is a word of paper in it, many people mistakenly think that wallpaper is made of paper, and some even think that wallpaper is a piece of paper, but with a pattern and texture printed on it, and then covered with a layer on the surface. plastic film. In fact, this is a misunderstanding of wallpaper, which is not the case. The material for making wallpaper is not just paper, but there are many different kinds of wallpaper. What are the advantages of wallpaper? 1.The color of the wallpaper is pure: the color of the wallpaper is always pure, because the color of the wallpaper will not change from purchasing to sticking to the wall, so don't worry about chromatic aberration! 2.The health index of wallpaper is relatively high: wallpaper generally consists of three parts, paper base and ink are two of them, and the other part depends on the classification of wallpaper material. From the composition point of view, the degree of harm of wallpaper to the human body is low. 3.The wallpaper has a long service life: using wallpaper with advanced production technology, its material is better and the service life will be longer. 4.The construction speed of wallpaper is fast and clean: it can be cleaned quickly with a wet cloth or sponge. 5.Wallpaper can create an atmosphere: it can well highlight the overall effect of the room and a warm home atmosphere. After reading these, do you know more about wall coverings and wallpaper products? It’s the best product that choose the products suits you.  

The rise of new Chinese style
With the development of the times, Chinese colors are more and more reflected in daily life. Whether it is clothing or home decoration, there will be products with Chinese style, so wall coverings are no exception.In fact, there have been traditional Chinese-style wall coverings a long time ago, but now many wall covering manufacturers have also developed new Chinese-style wall coverings in the process of continuous innovation. Today, the editor will tell you about this kind of wall covering. What is the experience of innovative Chinese style. Generally speaking, the traditional Chinese style is slightly old-fashioned and solemn, which always makes people feel awe-inspiring. The biggest difference of this new style is that it has a slightly romantic atmosphere while highlighting the antique cultural mood of the wall covering, a solemn and playful feeling. In addition, many designers of wall coverings have added a lot of modern elements to the traditional Chinese style, changing the previous space layout and adding vitality to the Chinese decoration.   The Chinese style after innovation is based on the traditional cultural background of our country, and strives to create a home life style with a romantic atmosphere. Of course, to highlight this style can not only rely on wall coverings, but more, it must be in harmony with the room. combined with the furnishings,If you are a person who likes Chinese style, after choosing this style of wall covering, you can buy some handicrafts as embellishments, such as placing blue and white porcelain, mahogany, etc. In this way, in the Chinese style wall covering Under the big background, the antique flavor will be stronger.This style of wall covering is not only a perfect interpretation of traditional Chinese culture, but also fits well with the needs of modern people for trends.

〓The development trend of the wall covering industry in 2020〓   In the blink of an eye, 2020 has come to the fourth quarter. In the past six months, it has been difficult for the wall covering industry due to the impact of the market environment.   Now all walks of life are in a critical period of recovery, and the wall covering industry is facing unprecedented challenges. In this seemingly serious industry situation, there is often a lot of market vitality that is ready to go.     【01 Losses and gains from skyrocketing raw material prices】   In 2020, masks have become an essential item for every family, and for manufacturers, non-woven fabrics are undoubtedly the most popular fabrics in 2020.   Due to the global spread of the new crown epidemic, medical-grade non-woven fabrics, raw materials for masks, have become an important resource for disease prevention and control. Domestic non-woven manufacturers have transformed to produce medical products, which directly led to the shortage of non-woven wallcovering substrates.   With such a shortage of non-woven fabrics, major brands have issued price increase notices and delayed delivery announcements. In general, the rise in the price of non-woven fabrics is a fuse, triggering a surge in the price of wall coverings. Although some raw material costs have risen and profits have been damaged, Weize will still maintain high quality and give customers a sufficient sense of security.   According to industry insiders, China's wall covering industry has also reached a new turning point in its development.   ★Influenced in the industry   Indirectly raising the entry threshold of the industry, and to a certain extent, the inferior wall covering products that hit the market by low prices will be shuffled out, and the industry will be a benign competitive development environment and a fair track;   ★Influenced for the customers   Consumers have begun to pay attention to product quality and the brand itself, which also makes more wall covering companies pay more attention to product quality, brand services, and the importance of building consumer brands.   Under the dual pressure of price hikes and the epidemicand the adjustment period facing the industryFor the wall covering industry with low frequency, high consumption and difficult to find customer  Market-oriented, consumer demand as the entry pointTaking traffic as the core and driven by the core competitiveness of enterprisesThese elements will become the elements that drive the development of the industry   【02 Weize continues to produce good products】   ★The environmental performance of the product will rise to the strategic level   Environmental friendly always been the main focus of the home furnishing industry, and now the requirements for environmental friendly are not only aimed at consumers, but more importantly at the level of self-survival of enterprises. In this regard, the national environmental friendly policy has fully explained this. At the same time, downstream customers of home building materials will force the entire industry to fully improve the environmental friendly requirements.   Weize wall covering has been focusing on the industry for 17 years. From the beginning of its establishment, it always adhered to quality production. It takes "advocating green products and perfecting human life" as its brand concept. The products are environmentally friendly water-based materials that meet the environmental friendly inspection standards of the National Building Materials Testing Center requirements, and truly put the concept of environmental friendly into practice.     ★ The service-oriented model will further develop   "Service, service, service" is the most important key for business in the wall covering industry. Although it is valued by many enterprises, it does not generate fundamental value. Under the market demand in the future, which company occupies the commanding heights of services will be able to occupy the commanding heights of the market.   Weize wall covering, from design services, process services, installation services, technical services and other multi-dimensional services to perfection, attentive and thoughtful, has established a brand reputation in the industry, and make partners feel at ease.   【03 Transformation to digital online brand】   Under the dual pressure of rising prices and the epidemic, as well as the adjustment period faced by the industry, for the wall covering industry with low frequency, high consumption, and difficulty in acquiring customers, the current stage is also to transform the brand into digital online and lead to a wider world. At the best time of the gate, some wall covering manufacturers have seized the opportunity to come up with various countermeasures.     In recent years, the traffic brought by live broadcast software and the strong ability to carry goods have made all walks of life eager to try. Many wall covering manufacturers have also seized the opportunity to actively publicize and plan live broadcasts and actively promote the brand of wall coverings. Introduce and explain new products through live webcasting, so that dealers can better understand the production and operation activities of the company and understand new products, thus realizing online new product investment.   In addition, there are also many manufacturers who divert consumers to offline through  single product to form traffic conversion. At the same time, they guide consumers to form joint orders or repurchase, and increase the value of customer orders, which brings sales increment to the merchants and obtains better effect.   Continue to build a consumer-centric digital operation system, enhance brand digital assets and drive brand growth, and try to innovate new products and new consumption scenarios to meet changing consumer demands and gain new customer growth. The wall covering industry can get out of the predicament and win its own spring.   【04 Weize core team is stable】   The scale of the wall covering industry determines its relatively narrow talent entry to a certain extent, and the loss of talent always a problem trapped for enterprises. The outbreak of the epidemic has increased the gap of this loss.     From the perspective of the long-term development of an enterprise, there must be a core team as support. If an enterprise has too serious brain drain, it cannot form its core competitiveness, and it cannot compete with other enterprises, and the final outcome can be imagined. .  Weize has a stable core team of wall coverings. We have gathered outstanding craft experts in domestic and abroad, built an elite R&D team, established a perfect management system, impress customers with quality, and win the market with innovation.   Every crisis actually brings new industry opportunities. For the wall covering industry, we should actively explore new markets, jump out of the shackles of naked price competition, and consider how to improve our core competitiveness in terms of thinking innovation, technological innovation, and business model from the perspective of the brand,Invincible in the torrent.  In the face of crisis, there is no way out. Only by being down-to-earth, working hard, and moving forward bravely we can get out of the predicament. In the midst of the industry crisis, Weize still maintains the vitality of the enterprise, and faces difficulties; the company is united, adheres to quality production, advocates green products, controls the production process of wall coverings, and continues to provide customers with high-quality wall covering products .

In the past 2020, affected by the epidemic and the general market environment, many brands in the wall covering industry have also experienced a process from turbulence to reform to recovery. Weize survived the many tests and grew against the trend, which also proved his ability and responsibility.At the beginning of 2021, Weize once again won the "Top Ten Brands (Production) in China's Wallcovering Industry" award issued by the Brand Cultivation Plan Committee of China's Wallcovering Industry. Top 10 Brands in the Industry (Production)     Winning this honor again is the industry's long-term recognition of the Weize brand and the professional support of the industry and customers to Weize.       Since its establishment in 2003, Weize Wallcovering has been committed to the goal of "Wize Manufacturing to Weize Creation", and has upgraded and innovated in multiple directions from research and development, design, production and service. The introduction of foreign advanced production lines, such as: the United States, Europe, Japan, etc., has reached the advanced level in the domestic manufacturing field, and cooperated with domestic and foreign professional designers to set up its own research and development center.   Over the past 18 years, Weize has been continuously absorbing the wisdom of industry experience, constantly breaking through innovative thinking, incorporating various popular elements and diversified cultural style characteristics into the design, and providing customers and consumers with more environmental friendly and healthier wall coverings and wallpapers. With strong competitiveness such as technical design advantages and advanced services, Weize has continuously win the trust of customers. It is precisely because Weize has a first-grade R&D center and an excellent talent team that the company's creative design has always been at the forefront of the country, laying the foundation for the success of the Weize brand. The company's strong R&D and design capabilities can meet the needs of any customer in domestic and abroad.   In the future, the Weize brand will continue to move forward step by step, making greater efforts to create greater value for the Weize brand, and contribute to the development of the wall covering industry and the environmental friendly and healthy wall decoration materials!


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About Weize

Since in 2005, it is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, design, production and sales of wallpaper, wall covering and fabric wallpaper, providing more beautiful, more environmentall friendly, more technological and higher quality one-stop decorated solutions for customers. Products including wallpapers, wall coverings, fabric wallpapers etc. Based on innovation, quality and taste. We focus on global design and manufacturing resources, grasps home furnishing trends and advanced technology production processes, and leads the industry with cutting-edge products,fashion concepts and quality life.

Value-added services

Weize undertake products such as wallpaepr, wipping and printed wall covering, osnaburg wall covering, non-woven wall covering, fabric wallpaper, natural material wallpaper, seamless wall covering, murals, embroidery, wall clasps, soft decoration and hard decoration etc.and customized requirements.

Project procurement

Weize provides full range of pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale systems for procurement, project and partners to ensure win-win cooperation.

Wallpaper business cooperation

Wezize provides customers with more beautiful, more environmentall friendly, more technological and higher quality one-stop decoration solutions.

Cooperative brands

Weize build a long-term strategic cooperation with a number of star hotels, high-end clubs, office buildings, hardcover commercial houses, hospitals etc.