Drawing on the wisdom of the most industry experience,

continuous integration of innovative thinking

Wallpaper Studio-SEAWALL Design

The development of the times calls for the innovation of enterprises. Innovation has become the focus of Weize’s enterprise development strategy.

Weize’s manufacturing “towards” Weize creation has become the motto of Wei Ze. Weize’s brand “Siwo Design” came into being.

Wise recruits talented people, gathers the elites at home and abroad, and is inspired to create the Seawall Design Center with innovation as the focus, incorporating various popular elements and diversified cultural styles into the design, so that Weize customers can enjoy the visual feast of color and experience a comfortable and beautiful life!

So far, with advanced technology and sharp popular color art at home and abroad, Seawall Design has successfully developed CRAFT series, DAWN series and APEX series, and achieved strong repercussions at the Beijing Exhibition in 2019.